Moon Rise and Set Calculator

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Moon Rise and Set Calculator is a simple calculator that shows moon rise and set times at a given location. Rise and set times are shown for 90 days starting from given date. Default is current date.

Moon rise and set times are not exact and may differ several minutes from actual times. Also moon phase is just an approximate number. Always check the times using a proper calender.


Two time ranges can be given to filter moon rise and set times. Idea with the filtering is to show only times when you can go and photograph the moon (like before and after office hours). If both time ranges are empty then the whole day is shown. If time range 1 is given the time range 2 can be left empty.

In addition to time filtering it is possible to filter by moon phase, either full moon or new moon. Also it is possible to show only those moon rise and set times that are 30 minutes before sunrise or after sunset.


A Get location button automatically fills location coordinates (lat, lng) using the current location. Time zone field (tz) is filled automatically with the current time zone. Location and time zone can be entered also manually to check rise and set times at any location. Time zone is given as hours from GMT time. Note that daylight saving time is not calculated automatically when the time zone is given manually.

Url parameters

Default values for most fields can be given as url parameters:

Example to show times in New York City, USA: