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Chrome extension to download all .fit files from a page. When extension is executed it lists all found .fit files. If files are accepted then all files are downloaded to a local disk. You need to click save for each file.

Currently the extension must be run on a Chrome extension developer mode.

Update Nov 10, 2019 to work with changes in Slooh download page.

Steps to use this extension:

  1. Open Chrome extensions page chrome://extensions/
  2. Enable Developer mode
  3. Click Load unpacked and open folder where extension files are
  4. Extension icon "D" should be visible on the top right corner
  5. Go to a page with .fit files
  6. Click extension icon "D"
  7. Click "Download All .fit Files"
  8. Click Save for each file

This code is just a modified version of Chrome sample that can be found at: Chrome samples