Astro Mosaic Configuration


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Astro Mosaic is configurable using URL parameters. With URL parameters it is possible to specify target, default telescope, add your own telescope and a few other settings. Astro Mosaic also supports embedding it to a page by selecting only part of the functionality to be visible.

Basic setting with URL parameters

Astro Mosaic accepts several parameters from URL string. Below are listed basic settings using URL parameters with some examples.

Add your own telescope or camera and lens

You can add your own telescope or camera with set_service and add_service URL parameters. Parameter set_service removes built in services and adds a new one. Parameter add_service creates a new service if service-name is not found. Then it adds a new telescope to a given service.

If you want to add your own camera and lens, you can check camera/lens field of view in degrees for example from Field of View Calculator (FoV) of a Camera and Lens. You can then convert degrees to arcminutes for example here Convert Degrees to Arcminutes.

Set multiple services and telescopes using a json file

You can replace built in services with services_json URL parameter. The json file gives more control and options than set_service and add_service URL parameters.

Sample services_json file

 "telescope_services": [
   "name": "Fuji X-T3", "radec_format": 0,
   "telescopes": [
    { "name": "400mm", "fov_x": 206, "fov_y": 137, "lat": 60.04298, "lng": 24.24452,
      "alt": 0, "weather": null, "horizon_limits": [10], "meridian_transit": 0 },
    { "name": "135mm", "fov_x": 609, "fov_y": 406, "lat": 60.04298, "lng": 24.24452,
      "alt": 0, "weather": null, "horizon_limits": [10], "meridian_transit": 0 }
   "name": "My telescope", "radec_format": 0,
   "telescopes": [
    { "name": "Takahashi FSQ-106ED", "fov_x": 324, "fov_y": 324, "lat": 60.04298, "lng": 24.24452,
      "alt": 0, "weather": null, "horizon_limits": [10], "meridian_transit": 10 }

Embed to a page

Astro Mosaic can be embedded to a page. With embedding it is possible to select which view is shown. It is possible to show target view, day visibility view or year visibility view. Embedded view can be shown for example in an Iframe. By default Astro Mosaic detects the window size and adjusts the content to that window.

Embedding examples

Example code for embedding

<iframe src=",400mm,206,137,60.04298,24.24452" height="300px" width="300px" title="FoV"></iframe>