ClockJx Garmin Watch Face

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Source code in GitHub.



ClockJx is a configurable watch face that has both digital and analog clocks. Different colors and settings on the display can be changed. There is also an option to use a skiing and mountain themed image in the background.

Always visible on the clock screen are:

Optionally it is possible to show one or all of the following information on the clock face:

Configuration options are:

Normally battery status is show with a green color. If battery goes below low battery warning level (default 25%) it is shown in orange color. If battery goes below critical battery warning level (default 10%) most other elements like analog watch face numbers and altitude and step count turn to red. The idea is that you should not miss a low battery status before going on a training.

If Bluetooth status is shown then an active connection is shown with a blue Bluetooth icon. If connection is not active it is shown with a red Bluetooth icon.


Configuration works from a mobile phone. You cannot configure directly from a Garmin device. In the mobile phone you need to go to watch face section and select the installed ClockJx watch face. Then you can select settings and change them there.